The highlight of providing a Chef Experience service for The Chef Alliance was that the "job was easy to book and client was very appreciative having a professional create a special meal for his fiance for A Valentine's dinner."

Each time I participate in a Chef Alliance experience I form new contacts and word of mouth is the best advertising there is.

Chef Karen

the chef alliance puts me in contact with really good customers. They also take care of all the publicity, finding the customers, exposure... so it's great all i have left to do is cook!



 We are dedicated to helping you succeed in your Personal Chef Career, bringing you a range of membership benefits to lower your business costs and guiding you through the many common issues and challenges that Personal Chefs face throughout their career.

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- training and culinary resources

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Chef Mark

Thanks for the opportunities to provide the cooking lesson for Dave & Susan last night.  They were great clients - very welcoming of me into their home, and attentive as I explained the cooking techniques.  Looking forward to my next assignment!