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This is where The Chef Alliance and Chef Insurance comes in.  Our Success Managers are always ready to assist and answer your questions.  Membership in The Chef Alliance includes access to liability Insurance, protecting you, your family, your business and your clients. 

One of the major reasons small businesses need liability insurance, isn't for the cost of claims, but for the cost of defending claims.  Another important reason to get liability insurance is that the number of cases, claims, and the amount of settlements, are all rising.  Canadians are becoming more 'comfortable' with starting claims and lawsuits, just as in the U.S. 

The good news is, however, that your premiums are tax deductible.  You can choose the General Commercial Liability Insurance coverage that best suits your needs and budget - from $1,000,000 coverage to $5,000,000 coverage.  The policy is underwritten by The Economical Insurance Group and covers in-home Personal Chef & Private Catering services for up to 25 people. Additional insurance coverage for events with up to 200 people can also be purchased to suit your business needs.

In addition, Membership gives you access to a wide range of member benefits and business savings that will add to your bottom line.  For more information check out our Member Benefits page.

With The Chef Alliance, a rewarding culinary career is within your grasp!

commercial general liability insurance FOR PERSONAL CHEFS and private chefs

Even though Personal Chefs and Private Chefs are working in their clients' homes, liability insurance is essential.  A slip-and-fall that is a result of a Personal Chef or Private Chef's negligence, for example, could result in a lawsuit, since they are ultimately responsible for their workspace. 

Any breakages or damage to their clients' property, even if unintentional, would also be solely their fault.  Food poisoning claims can leave the Personal Chef or Private Chef responsible for medical bills and lost productivity.  These events could cost thousands of dollars in medical, legal or replacement costs. 

Without liability insurance, this could make the difference between running a business and going through bankruptcy as you would be personally liable for the costs.  Clients are knowledgable of these issues, and usually require proof of liability insurance to be presented during the initial interview stage, before signing a contract.  

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