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Toronto, ON (March 1 2017)
 - The Chef Alliance has offered affordable membership levels and for over 8 years, and has maintained constant membership plans and prices despite increasing costs.  New membership plans will take effect in 2017 to reflect market changes and to meet the needs of new members who have asked for a greater variety of options. 

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Toronto, ON (October 21st 2015) - The Chef Alliance has relaunched one of it's websites, geared to Canadian Personal Chefs -

The Chef Alliance has been working with Personal Chefs in Canada to grow their businesses since 2001.  They provide Personal Chefs with marketing support, peer mentoring, training, clients support, chef jobs.  

They have also been working to add professionalism to this unregulated sector of the foodservice industry, by ensuring that their members have liability insurance to protect the Chefs and their families, their clients and the Chefs' businesses.




Toronto, ON (December 10 2008) - Who doesn’t have a closet full of gifts they have received but just don’t like, want or need?  Every year, shoppers hunt through the malls with their lists of friends and loved ones, searching for the elusive ‘perfect gift.’  At the end of the day, we all want to find a gift that will be appreciated, enjoyed and remembered, not shoved in a dark corner gathering dust.  

The Chef Alliance has the ideal solution for unique and memorable gifts to suit any budget, interest and occasion - Chef Experience Gifts.  

“We have successfully offered Chef Experiences through the lifeEXPERIENCES program at Shoppers Drug Mart as well as through RBC Rewards , Hbc and Try That, The Experience Company for a number of years now,” indicated Chef Sonia, President of The Chef Alliance.

“Building on that success, we now customise Chef Experience Gift Certificates from an in-home cooking class to a dinner party to a cocktail party.  These are ideal for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, corporate gifts and so on. 


Toronto, ON (December 5 2008) - The Chef Alliance is pleased to announce that we are involved in another promotion, this time in partnership with the lifeEXPERIENCES brand.  The promotion will run on CHUM FM between December 5 and 20th 2008.  

Chum Club members can enter the contest to try to win 1 of 5 Grand Prizes, including an in-home 3 course Bistro dinner for 4 or Culinary Adventure for 4.

As part of the contest, run as part of their member rewards program, they will be running advertising spots on the station throughout the day during this time period.  The value of this promotion is in excess of $15,000.00, and will greatly increase the exposure of The Chef Alliance and our member chefs to the public and potential clients, making for a busy 2009!  

The Chef Alliance has worked with a number of companies for promotions across Canada, including Naked Grape Wine, Carlton Cards, Canadian Family Magazine, Sobeys/ Scot Paper, Telus, and Woodbridge Wine by Robert Modavi.


Toronto, ON. (December 1 2008) - The Chef Alliance is proud to announce the launch of their website, which will allow chefs across Canada to purchase liability insurance at affordable rates.

Liability insurance is an essential part of running any business, but is vital in the foodservice industry, where chefs are working with food which could affect the health & wellbeing of their clients.  Failures to invest in liability insurance could mean financial ruin for a chef should something go wrong while working.

Sharon recently joined The Chef Alliance.  “I got quotes from a few different insurance companies.  The quotes that I was getting were around $1000.  I then went online to see what other options I had, and came across The Chef Alliance.  I now have insurance and the benefits of membership, and still have a few hundred dollars left for other things.  What more could you ask for?” 

For more details on the cost of liability insurance and policy coverage for Personal Chefs, Private Chefs and Caterers, please contact us.


Toronto, ON. (November 15 2008) - Gift Experience Boutique, a range of gift cards now available in stores across Canada, including Wal-Mart Canada, will prominently feature The Chef Alliance on their ‘Dining’ Card.

The range of certificates also includes those for Indulgence, Family Fun & Entertainment and Inns, Resorts & BBQs.  The Giftex Prepay Report indicated that “Experiential gift cards are becoming more desirable than retail goods, especially when the experience can be shared with the giver”.

Angelica Knowles, who purchased ‘An Intimate Dinner for 2’ Chef Experience wrote “Chef Kevin made our 10th anniversary dinner one of the most magical nights ever!  Why we ever celebrated at a restaurant is beyond me!  This was just perfect.  We will do it again and again... Thank  you, Chef Alliance!”



Toronto, ON. (November 3 2008) - After a very successful year of offering experiences with Try That {!}, one of Canada’s leading experiential gift providers, we have added 2 new offers their on-line catalogue.

In addition to the ‘Bistro Dinner for Four, we have added an ‘At Home Cooking Class’ for 2 and an ‘Intimate Dinner for Two.’ 

“We wanted to offer a Chef experience that could be purchased for anniversaries or engagement and wedding gifts that were meaningful and unforgettable,” said President, Chef Sonia.  “Our Intimate Dinner offer consists of a customised 4 course Bistro dinner for 2, prepared fresh in the client’s home.  Restaurants don’t allow for intimacy, when there may be close to 100 other people in the room.  This allows our clients to relax, and enjoy each other’s company, while the chef works quietly to prepare a sumptuous dinner in their kitchen.”

 Phillip, an executive from Alberta, emailed the Chef Alliance after his Dinner for 2, which he purchased for his girlfriend from last year.  He wrote,

“As you know, Sonia, I wanted to do something special when I proposed to Gillian, and my secretary suggested calling you guys.  The chef created a wonderful menu, he was courteous yet unobtrusive while we were eating, and cleaned up without any fuss.  A true professional.

It was the perfect night for everyone.  My secretary is now getting a big fat bonus this year, Chef Howard got a hefty tip and I got the answer I wanted because GILLIAN SAID YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We’ll be calling you when we start looking for caterers!”

Chef Sonia adds, “I love to hear stories like this form our clients.  It is a wonderful feeling to know that we have helped to make our clients’ lives a little more special.  Two of the most important ingredients to a healthy life are good food and happy memories, and our chefs make both.”


TORONTO, ON (Fall 2008)
- Millions of Royal Bank Visa Cardholders are familiar with the life.etc with RBC Rewards magazine, the glossy magazine highlighting the very best rewards offered through the program.

The Fall/ Winter 2008 magazine featured 6 of the 20 Experiences by RBC Rewards on pages 14 and 15, including The Chef Alliance’s Personal Chef Experience.

Editor, Anita Draycott, experienced the services of one of our Chefs over the summer, when she invited 4 of her friends and colleagues to join her for dinner.  She wrote, in her opening article ‘From the Editor,’ “Never have I enjoyed one of my dinner parties so much.  Why?  Because instead of jumping up and down all evening, I sat and ate and laughed with my friends...” 

Giving ‘experiences’ rather than ‘things’ is fast becoming the trend during the main gifting occasions, such as Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, baby and wedding showers, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.  “Chef Experiences appeal to everyone,” says Chef Sonia, president of The Chef Alliance.  “Everyone likes to eat great food.  Having your own Personal Chef for the evening to design a menu just for you, to shop, cook and clean up, are the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable evening with friends and loved ones.”



Excerpts from a CNW/ Hbc press release.
- With the holiday season fast approaching, Hbc is launching a list of unique and exclusive 'experience' gift solutions geared to creating lasting memories for that special someone. Over 40 different gift experiences in four categories including; spa, culinary, escapes and indulgences are available as part of a limited edition launch on

"Tired of giving the same old gifts to your friends and family," said Debbie Edwards, SVP Marketing, Hbc. "Now you can simply surf to and find exciting gift packages that create an experience to remember. Whether it's an in-home personal chef, a getaway to some of the finest inns in Canada or in-home spa days, Hbc has perfect ideas for the person who has everything."

Gift givers can select from an array of products that say "You deserve it" including the following:
For the gourmand who would appreciate a customized three-course epicurean feast:
Bistro Dinner at Home or Culinary Adventure [with a Chef from Canadian Personal Chef Alliance].

"Hbc is Canada's largest diversified general merchandise retailer, operating in department store (the Bay), mass merchandise (Zellers), specialty (Home Outfitters and Designer Depot) and discount (Fields) formats. With more than 580 retail outlets and nearly 70,000 associates located in every province in Canada, Hbc provides Canadians with stylish, quality merchandise at great value, through retail banners focused on exceptional customer service."

To find out more about our gift certificates, or to join The Chef Alliance, please contact us.


Toronto, ON (November 02, 2007)
- Check out the next couple of issues of Canadian Living Magazine for a competition run by "Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi."

The winner will receive a dinner party conducted by the Canadian Personal Chef Alliance, as well as a selection of Waterford Crystal glasses. 

Good luck to all who enter! We look forward to serving you!

This highlights the growing trend within the wine industry and beyond, to use Personal Chef Experience packages for prizes. This competition follows those conducted by Naked Grape Wines, Santa Isabella wine, Toasted Head wine, and Sawmill Creek wine.

The Canadian Personal Chef Alliance, which is Canada's premier personal Chef organisation, has also conducted Chef Services which were provided as prizes for Sobeys & Scott Paper and TELUS.

"The interest in our Chef Experience packages by the corporate sector has increased dramatically over the past 12 months," commented Chef Sonia, President of the Alliance. "It is a very exciting time for our chefs and the industry as a whole. 

"People are starting to realise that hiring a Personal Chef is not just for the rich and famous, but is akin to hiring a cleaning service or a gardener; Personal Chefs save their clients time, energy and money!"

Yes, believe it or not, Personal Chefs can save their clients money!! There is no longer a frantic rush to decide what to eat for dinner, so people are less likely to purchase fast foods, processed 'meals' or dine out at a restaurant. Instead, they can stay in the comfort of their home, and enjoy a meal that has been lovingly prepared just for them!

For dinner parties, Personal Chefs cook right in the client's kitchen. "We had a wonderful time watching Chef Cheryl prepare our dinner," said Diana, a client in Calgary. "We are a group of Foodies, but even we learned a thing or two!" 

For more information on hiring a Personal Chef or to become a Personal Chef, contact us.


Toronto, ON (October 1, 2007) - The Chef Alliance is proud to announce that their Personal Chef Experiences are now available on-line to RBC Visa cardholders, as RBC Rewards launched their 'Experiences by RBC Rewards' on October 1st 2007. 

RBC Visa has close to 2 million cardholders, who can now redeem 20,600 points for an in-home Personal Chef Experience. Experiences can range from a 3 course plated service dinner, a cooking class or a hors d'oeuvre party.

For more details on the Chef Experience, visit [Royal Bank's website] or contact us.

The perfect gift for any occasion! Spoil yourself, or someone special, with one of three unique Personal Chef Experiences for a simply unforgettable evening of luxury and pampering.

Your Personal Chef will customise your menu, and shop for the freshest of ingredients; your meal will be prepared in your home and served to you by your Chef - and best of all, your Chef will clean up the dishes and the kitchen at the end of your evening!

For Gift Card enquiries or to book your special event, please contact us.


Toronto, ON (August 08, 2007) - This year, The Canadian National Exhibition, with an expected attendance in excess of 1.25 million people, will take place from August 17th to September 3rd 2007. We are proud to announce that 2 of our Chef Alliance members will be conducting demos on the Cooking Stage. 

Chef Jono McDonough will be on stage on August 22nd, making a Wheatberry Salad. Chef Shawn Rocchi will be demonstrating a Sweet Crab & Shrimp Cake with a Pear & Cabbage Coleslaw and a Sweetcorn Puree. He will be on stage on August 30th 2007.

"The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) is an 18-day fair taking place every August concluding on Labour Day. Over its 128 year history, the CNE has grown to be the largest annual fair in Canada and the fifth largest in North America attracting approximately 1.3 million visitors each year. 

The programs and exhibits of the CNE encompass the 192 acres of Exhibition Place in Toronto including eight buildings and structures designated as historical sites under the Ontario Heritage Act."

For more details on these demos or to hire The Chef Alliance or Chef Experiences for your next event, please contact us.



Toronto, ON (August 08, 2007) - Chef Sonia, President of The Canadian Personal Chef Alliance, will be one of the judges at the upcoming IRON CHEF competition at the 10th annual Hot & Spicy Food Festival.

Chef Sonia started out in the Personal Chef industry with her company Sonia's Spicy Secrets. Chef Sonia, who was born in Northern Ireland, specialises in Indian-fusion cuisine, blending her Indian background with her love of European cuisine.

"The Hot & Spicy Food Festival is just one example of the wonderful events in the city that glorify food and the diversity of cultures that make it a great place to be," commented Chef Sonia.

"I am proud to support the Iron Chef event once again. Last year, our Personal Chef representative, Chef Sean, came a very close 2nd in the competition. The fact that a Personal Chef can compete against some of the city's top restaurant chefs highlights the level of excellence that our Personal Chefs strive to maintain.

Most of our Chefs have come from the restaurant industry, and now offer more specialised in-home catering services or customised meal services, cooking classes and recipe consultation/ menu planning services."

The Festival, which runs from August 10th -12th 2007, at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre (Brigantine Room), will hold its 4th Iron Chef event on Saturday at 1.30pm and 3.30pm, with the finale on Sunday at 3.30pm.

The competitors are as follows:
1.30pm, Saturday
Phil, The Rhyming Chef
Vicky Cheng, Auberge du Pommier
3.30 pm, Saturday
Federico Lopez, visiting from Mexico
Duff Lampard, Westin Harbour Castle Hotel

The winner of each round will proceed to the final on Sunday.


Toronto, ON (May 22, 2007) - The Chef Alliance, Canada’s premier Personal Chef organisation, is pleased to announce our latest corporate initiative with The Audi Centre, Oakville, Ontario.

For over two years now, our Bistro Dinner for 4 Gift Package has been sold in unprecedented numbers in Shoppers Drug Mart stores across the country. Intrigued by the universal appeal of Personal Chef dinner services, a growing number of companies are turning to the Chef Alliance to customize in-home dining offerings to suit their specific corporate needs. Chef Alliance dinner ‘packages’ are being used for employee bonuses & sales incentives, for client development gifts and to add value to their existing product lines.

The Audi Centre, Oakville will give away our ‘Personal Chef dinner for 2’ packages as one of three possible prize offerings in a promotion running throughout May and June 2007.

For more information, please contact us.


Toronto, ON (May 22, 2007) - The Chef Alliance is pleased to announce that corporate discounts at Travelodge & Thriftlodge Hotels will be added to their growing list of Member Benefits.

Travelodge, one of the largest hotel chains in Canada, has over 110 locations across the country offering comfortable accommodations at reasonable rates. Chef Alliance members will be eligible for a 15% discount off their stays at any Travelodge location in Canada.

In addition to this great saving, guests can also earn Hbc Rewards and Travelodge Guest Rewards with every stay. The Travelodge Guest Rewards program rewards loyal guests with points that are redeemable for free night stays, and gift certificates at great Canadian retailers like Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Future Shop and Kelsey’s Restaurants.

For more details or to join the Chef Alliance, please contact us.


Toronto, ON (April 30, 2007) - What better way to thank Mom this Mother's day than to give her the gift of her very own Personal Chef? Not only will she not have to cook, but her Personal Chef will also serve dinner and clean up the kitchen before leaving. 

Gift packages can be customised to suit each client. Here are just a few examples...
an intimate dinner for 2 
a cooking class for 10 
a cocktail party for 20
a dinner party for 4

For more details, please contact us.

Next time you are in Shoppers Drug Mart Stores, check out the Carlton Cards promotion - they are giving away 15 Ultimate Life Experiences packages, which include Spa Direct Home Spa treatment, Merry Maid home cleaning, Personal Chef Culinary dinner for 4, Peter&Paul Gift Basket. The promotion will be in stores from April 14 to May 13th. 


Toronto, ON (February 08, 2007)
- Tired of flowers and chocolates? Looking for a gift that truly expresses your love and appreciation for your sweetheart? WOW your soul mate with your very own chef!

Your Personal Chef will customise a menu just for you, shop for quality ingredients on the day of your dinner, prepare it fresh in your home, serve dinner, and even clean the kitchen before leaving you to enjoy the rest of your evening!!! The height of luxury and pampering, without the high price tag!

If you live in the Toronto area, we can also provide a Maid and Chef Experience... not only will your home be clean, but a gourmet feast will await you! You simply sit back and enjoy your day!

For more details, or to book your Personal Chef, contact us.



TORONTO, ON (November 01, 2006) - Long-time Alliance member, Chef David Paquet of Niagara Gourmet, was recently featured on Food Network Canada's "I do... Let's Eat."

"For the past five years, [David's] run his own catering company, Niagara Gourmet. Completely self-taught – "I learned with my hands and experience" – Chef Paquet has quickly developed a reputation for his customized gourmet menus.

Before meeting with Karla and Louie, Chef Paquet made sure he was prepared by doing some research on the cuisine of Campania. "I think this is what sold me to them," he says. "Louie was so impressed that I took the time to actually get to know his tastes from back home." Louie enthuses, "He won us over. He is very passionate about food."


Toronto, ON (October 21, 2006) - The Canadian Home & Country Show (Toronto) will be launching their 2006 Show with an ‘exclusive shopping event and auction’ in support of the Canadian Cancer Society & Breast Cancer Research on October 26th 2006 from 6.30 to 10.00 pm. The Canadian Personal Chef Alliance has provided their full support to this worthwhile cause, by promoting it to chefs and clients. 

Alliance member, Joanna Smith of ‘Simply Good Food,’ has generously donated her time and delectable dishes in support of the event. Stop by Joanna’s table and try some of her mouth-watering samples. 

Simply Good Food offers several food experiences and personal chef services: from stocking your home with personally tailored meals, to "living life, loving food" experiences which include Spa at home parties, special occasion dinner parties, cooking demonstrations and much more. All of these great food experiences help the client's of Simply Good Food take back their precious free time and live life to the fullest. A Personal Chef is for everyone, it's a much deserved and affordable service: you will wonder how you ever lived without.

For more details on personal chefs, please contact us



Toronto, ON (May 03, 2006) - Mother’s Day, May 14th 2006, is a day when we will be celebrating our mothers for their sacrifices to make our lives better and their undying love. It wasn’t until I became a mother that I realised just how difficult, yet rewarding, being a mother can be.

This year, hundreds of mothers will be turning the tables on Mother’s Day, and will, instead, be celebrating the lives of their Autistic children. Autism is a complex brain disorder that affects communication skills, social interactions and relationships and behaviour. There are no definite causes for Autism, no cures, and apart from observing behaviour, there are no other tests to diagnose it. Autism affects people of all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Despite the high (and growing!) prevalence, there is very little funding for research or therapy for this devastating disorder.

Most Autistic people will never be independent, and will require lifelong supervision. Many will never look at their mom’s eyes, and smile, as ‘normal’ kids do. Most will never speak the 4 simple words that every mother yearns for – ‘I love you, Mommy.’ Those with Autism rarely hug or show any emotion.

I am one of those mothers, and I will be celebrating Mother’s Day in honour of my son who was diagnosed almost 6 years ago, just after he turned 3 years old. Together with my husband and 3 kids, I will be walking to raise money for the National Alliance for Autism Research at Mel Lastman Square in Toronto.

For those of you who wish to donate (tax-deductible, of course!) to help in our efforts to boost Autism research, please visit my Autism Walk web-page at the following link, and follow the instructions for donating on-line.

Together, we can all make a difference, by speaking for those that cannot speak for themselves!

My recipe for this issue [of Way Spa's newsletter] is for Saffron poached pears, a beautiful dessert for any mom on Mother’s Day, and also gluten-free and casein-free for all those families affected by Autism who follow the GFCF diet.


Toronto, ON (February 15, 2006) - Chef Sonia, President of the Canadian Personal Chef Alliance and Sonia’s Spicy Secrets, is highlighting the benefits of using the services of members of the Alliance to over 30,000 Canadian subscribers of a new emagazine, ‘Waves.’ 

‘Waves’ was launched in January 2006 on “WaySpa is the leading online retailer of Spa Treatments, Packages and Gift Certificates. WaySpa is the best way to shop online for a variety of premier spas, offering exclusive packages and luxurious services.” 

“Waves represents a celebration of balance between social events and private moments, fighting against time, and aging gracefully, healthy living and indulgence” says President and CEO of, Jeremy Creed.

Waves will be available in two distinct formats: The Waves e-magazine will be delivered exclusively to members on a bi-weekly basis; The Waves blog will be constantly updated by the Waves team, and field experts.

“The Waves media outlets have been created to provide people with a chance to escape to calm and luxury while browsing through a Waves issue or blog entry. Readers will also benefit from unique articles and valuable lifestyle tips.”

Each Waves e-magazine issue will journey into a different subject, such as a snapshot of an exotic location, or tips on entertaining. Articles will also be available on the Waves blog that can be accessed on the site.



Toronto, ON (June 13, 2005) - Sonia's Spicy Secrets o/a the Canadian Personal Chef Alliance ("CPCA") secured an agreement with ERJ Tool and Die ("ERJ") and Alpine Laser ("Alpine") whereby ERJ and Alpine will offer CPCA’s Personal Chef Packages to employees as employee incentives and year-end bonuses.

ERJ is a dominant player in the tool and die industry supplying services to major automotive powerhouses like Magna International and Mastsu Manufacturing. It is expected that over 250 packages will be purchased by ERJ during 2005, with a total value of approximately $65,000.00.

The CPCA is the only national Personal Chef organization in Canada that offers these unique packages. The packages consist of the employer arranging for a personal chef to go to the employee’s home to prepare and serve an outstanding three-course dinner for the family. The personal chef will take care of the grocery shopping and even the clean up of the kitchen. This gives employees what they value most, the gift of family time. 

"These packages are ideal to motivate and show our appreciation to our workforce for their dedication to our company. Our employees often forsake spending valuable time with their family to meet crucial deadlines, requiring them to work long hours. They are the key to our success. These packages show our gratitude, not just to the employee but his family, in a way that monetary bonuses could not. These packages demonstrate to the entire family that we are a lifestyle company, and encourage and promote family time and appreciate their sacrifice as well. We are very excited to form this alliance with Sonia's Spicy Secrets and the CPCA", said Jaz Grewal the President of ERJ and Alpine. 

Chef Sonia, the President of Sonia's Spicy Secrets and the CPCA says that “CPCA’s corporate strategy is to meet the human resource needs of companies, by developing packages that are meaningful and provide a long term benefit to employers. Cash incentives, while important, do not demonstrate an employer’s commitment to family time and an acknowledgment of the sacrifices that families make. We can develop custom packages to meet the specific needs of employers.” 

The CPCA is a national organization, with over 200 personal chefs across the country. With its national presence, the CPCA allow firms and organizations with a presence across the country to uniformly offer these packages to all their employees across Canada. 

Shoppers Drug Mart presently carries the "Bistro Dinner for 4" packages that are offered by the CPCA in over 400 stores in Ontario as a part of its Lifestyle Experience Packages. Shoppers Drug Mart is planning to expand the offering of these packages to stores across Canada within the next few months.

For more details, please contact us.


Toronto, ON (June 1, 2005) 
- Sonia's Spicy Secrets' takeover of the Canadian Personal Chef Alliance (the "Alliance") marks the day that the Personal Chef industry will become a National Phenomenon in Canada.

Sonia's Spicy Secrets announced the completion of its takeover today. This takeover comes under one year since Sonia's Spicy Secrets entered the Ontario market, offering Personal Chef Services, Catering and Culinary Adventures. The Canadian Personal Chef Alliance is Canada's largest association of personal chefs, with a network of hundreds of chefs across Canada.

The Alliance has been successful in brokering a deal with Shoppers Drug Mart to sell Life Experiences gift certificates for a 'bistro dinner for four' at its stores in Toronto and the GTA. Sonia's Spicy Secrets states that within 1 year, it hopes to take Personal Chef Services to a national level. It is expected that Personal Chef packages should be available across Canada just like you would purchase bread or milk at your local convenience store.

Personal Chefs are a growing trend in the culinary industry, and this trend is here to stay. Society is so fast paced, that individuals place a higher value on quality family time, and the opportunity to eat healthy. The Personal Chef services offered by Chef Sonia and members of her Alliance are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of families on the go, that love food but have no time to cook, or simply don't have the inclination to cook.

This is a truly unique and unprecedented service, where a personal chef will do your grocery shopping, cook custom entrées (for the evening and/or the rest of the week) all suited to your specific preferences. Meals are prepared in your own home with the freshest of ingredients, and the chefs even clean the kitchen afterwards! What more could you ask for?! It is the ultimate in pampering and luxury. It could not have come at a better time, as many families end up ‘eating out’ at least 2-3 times a week.

Based on popularity of Personal Chefs in the United States, Chef Sonia says that the Alliances' target is to be the premier source of personal chefs in the country. The Alliance projects that it will be providing Chefs to one in every 10 households within the next five years. Once you have tried the service, you won't know how you ever did without it!

For more details, please contact us.



Toronto, ON (June 15, 2004) - The Canadian Personal Chef Alliance and Shoppers Drug Mart are to partner in the "Life experiences" gift certificate campaign.

Terry Henderson tells us today, "We are extremely proud of this partnership, it is the result of much work and meetings with Shoppers to accomplish this for our members, but we feel with the demand for our services, and the appeal of Shoppers to its clients, that this is a natural match"

"We are extremely proud to announce our partnership with Shoppers Drug Mart says Henderson
"We have been working with Shoppers to introduce the Alliance into the program, this will start in the GTA and move across Ontario over the next couple of months".

The program will move to BC in the fall, and the rest of Canada in the winter, with over 250 stores in the GTA, 900 stores in Ontario and 2500 stores across Canada, Shoppers and the Alliance are very excited to be working together.

Here is how it works, the customer buys the gift certificate at his/her local shoppers, gives it to the lucky recipient. The recipient calls shoppers and activates the card, then calls our 1-877-402-3221 toll free number.

They give us their location and we find them a chef, at the same time we verify the card. We send the leads to our members who in turn meet with the client and set up the date!!! A wonderful experience that is sure to please!!!

Convenience, service and wonderful food all in one place!!!


Toronto, ON (May 13, 2004) - Canadian Personal Chef Alliance Chefs to demonstrate in food stores across Canada starting the end of May

We are working with a media company based in Kitchener/Waterloo that represent four food companies promoting tomatoes, asparagus and pears, and one company promoting fish.  These demonstrations will take place starting at Sam’s Clubs at the end of May and continue in a variety of stores across Canada throughout the year.

For more details contact us.

1st ANNUAL CONFERENCE, MAY 14th & 15th 2005

Toronto, ON (May 01, 2004) - We are pleased to announce our first annual Canadian Personal Chef Alliance conference.  It will take place in Toronto, in May of 2005.

The venues will be a school for sure and a couple of exciting kitchens that we have associated ourselves with (no I am not spilling the beans). We will be inviting guests to speak and have already confirmed several.

We are pleased to announce that Candy Wallace, founder and President of the American Personal Chef Association will join us at the conference as Guest Speaker on Saturday morning.

Candy was instrumental in seeking and getting two new designations for Personal Chefs, recognised by the American Culinary Federation, the governing body for Chefs in the USA, and the first time a new designation had been introduced since 1929!!

Candy's vision and drive have seen the industry BOOM in the USA and has boosted the APCA membership to over 3000 with many young culinary trained chefs now entering the business, and Candy's course "The business of doing business as a Personal Chef" being taught across the country in American culinary schools!

The conference will take place Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th 2005, with a cocktail reception on the Friday evening (yes we know it is the 13th)
Some of the topics we will be covering are as follows:

Knife skills
Sauces and stocks
New programs
CCF memberships
New corporate partners

*NEW* We are pleased to announce Tilia-Foodsaver will be giving a demo and offering attendees special pricing for machines and packaging!

Companies like chef revival, Rubbermaid and the CD rom store will be giving great prizes!!!

And to finish on Sunday May 15th we will be holding our 1st Annual inter-provincial Personal Chef Cooking Competition, where Personal Chefs will have 2 hours to prepare 4 entrees to be judged by our panel of celebrity judges. (Rules and regulations to follow.)

Stay tuned as we add more exciting seminars and events to the conference.

Book your space now, as spots are limited...... Book before Dec 31st 2004 and receive discount,
watch this space for news of our 2006 conference.



Toronto, ON (July 12, 2003) - Canadian Personal Chef Alliance and Personal Chef UK to work together to drive the industry.

With the Personal Chef industry still in its infancy in Canada, and starting to emerge in England, Terry Henderson of the 'Alliance' and 'Fay Olinsky' of Personal Chef UK, both had something in common. The drive to 'get the word out' about Personal Chefs in their respective countries.

'After talking with Fay, I realised we both shared the same vision for Personal Chefs', says Henderson, 'Personal Chefs have been around since the early 90's in the US' says Olinsky, 'but really just started to grow in numbers in England.' 

'By combining our energy and focus we hope to really offer members in both countries a unique experience, and by sharing info and ideas we can make it exciting too.'

'The Alliance is entering its third year in Canada, and has seen some real leaps in the number of Personal Chefs, and people using them' says Henderson, 'we are always looking for ways to drive the industry and by forming strategic partnerships like this. We hope to increase awareness and excitement about 'who we are, and what we do!'

'We are very excited about this partnership and look forward to sharing ideas and resources' 

Toronto, ON
(June 10th and August 19th 2003) - The Foodservice Industry reaches 1 million employees... 

The CRFA (Canadian Restaurant and Foodservice Association) reported recently that the hospitality industry has reached a record number of employees making it one of Canada’s largest employment sectors. Human Resources Development Canada continues to fear a shortage of skilled labour; they recently held their annual Skills Canada competition in Kitchener, ON. These headlines have a common theme: A Growing Demand for Chefs!

When you consider becoming a Chef, consider the following career opportunities:
· Personal Chef (
· Food Stylist
· Caterer
· Recipe Development/Test Kitchen
· Food Promotions and Demonstrations
· Special Events Chef

The culinary industry has never been this exciting.

At their recent convention, the Canadian Federation of Chefs and Cooks voted to change their name to the Canadian Culinary Federation in keeping with the growing list of culinary careers and diversity in the industry. Although the traditional careers continue to grow, these new and exciting possibilities in culinary arts open countless doors to new graduates.

The newest face in the culinary scene is the Personal Chef. Terry Henderson (President of the Canadian Personal Chef Alliance) is breaking new ground in Canada. Having “cheffed” for such celebrities as Denzel Washington & Brittany Murphy, Henderson sees a huge opportunity in this field. Personal Chefs are a staple in Europe and the U.S., but are just making their entrance into the Canadian culinary world. Recent articles in Canadian Business and Flare (among others) have increased awareness of the Personal Chef.

What does it take to foray into this dynamic career path?
A Personal Chef must be a great cook and an astute businessperson.
Along with a solid culinary background, Henderson is committed to increasing the professional level of his member Chefs. Henderson has, in partnership with Liaison College, developed Canada’s first and only Personal Chef Diploma Program. The program is designed to enhance a Chef’s culinary skills by giving them the additional skills they will need to succeed in the Personal Chef business. Included in these skills are marketing and promotion, in-home safety and food handling, food packaging and presentation, effective menu planning, proposal writing and much more. In addition to culinary training, the Personal Chef Diploma Program will enable the graduate to confidently enter into their new career as a Personal Chef.

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